Our Office

  • No 60 , No 5 road , Bình Thới Flat, Wards 8, Dictrict 11, HCMC , VietNam
  • sales@detoco.com
  • (+84) 28 3858 4137


  • Long Duc 3 Town, Tam Phuoc Ward, Bien Hoa City, Dong Nai Province, Vietnam
  • sales@detoco.com
  • (+84) 25 1351 1936

Dieu Thuong Joint Stock Company

DETOCO is a factory invested by Vietnam and Taiwan, located in Dong Nai province in the south of Vietnam, has been serving importers and distributors worldwide with multi-product products. forms from LDPE, LLDPE HDPE, CPE and EVA, and purchased from non-woven PP, polyester, TPU and PVC fabrics.
Established in 1993, With over 30 years of persistent operation,
DETOCO along with its continuous improvements, has become a reliable partner not only for customers in particular but also for employees and longtime supply partners. Keeping up the strides, DETOCO constantly strives to fulfill all its goals and missions, with the Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) criterion to achieve success in Business in tandem with promotion creates a positive impact on society.
  • Capital: 300 Billion
  • Annual Revenue: 20 million USD
  • Workforce: total of 1,000+ workers throughout Vietnam
  • Total landscape: 60,000m2
  • Total Building area: 30,000m2
  • Ownership of Buildings: 100% Ownership
  • Ownership of Land: 100% Ownership

Main Products, and capacities

LDPE Ziplock bags 230 tons / month
CPE / PE gloves 100,000,000 pcs / month
Cotton / Polyester / PPnw Briefs
PEVA / CPE / PE Raincoats
CPE / PE Dust Covers
PEVA / PPnw Zipper bags (Pillow Bags)
PEVA / PPnw Suit Covers
PEVA Body Bags (Corpse Bags)
Capacities are by production plan arrangements, workers are able to produce different products according to production plans.

Number of Machines

Heavy Machine Light Machine
Ziplock bag blown extruders 45 Heat welding machine 800+
Ziplock bag cutting machine 48 High frequency heat welding machine 7
Printing machine (up to 6 colors) 7 Sewing machine 150
Material recycle machine 5 Button machine 7
Cast film extruders 8
Glove cutting machine 44
Flat bag cutting machine 6

Test Reports